CONSERVE WHAT? | 2004-10-02

So when someone says he is a "conservative" it means he wants to declare Catholicism or Presbyterianism or Libertarianism America's Official Proposition. A "liberal" wants to declare his words to be America's Official Proposition. A Communist wants Marx and Lenin to be our Official Proposition.

But they are united against people who oppose Wordism or what National Review now calls a "propositional state."

When you say, "I don't mind Mexicans here if they WORK" you are declaring for a wordist state. When you say, "the enemy is SOCIALISM" you are declaring for a propositional state. When your grandfather said Lincoln was a fine man, he was declaring for a propositional state.

If you declare that an American is somebody who works right or believes right, you are saying that you have no special right to be here. The only reason you can live here is because the authorities gave you some papers. That is why there are no "illegal aliens" in National Review's "propositional state." There are only people who do not have the right documents given them by the government, "undocumented aliens."

Under the Lincoln Doctrine, you have no right to be here unless the authorities want you here. Almost every American has agreed to that proposition a thousand times.

In the country National Review and the John Birch Society and the Communist Party and the Republican Party and the Democratic Party and every person who is allowed to be in the national media has agreed to, the Patriot Act decides who is a patriot and who should be deported.

Get used to that or be ready to be called a nativist and a racist.