The one good thing about liberals is that they are not morons when it comes to argument. If you watched conservatives only, you would think everybody in American politics was retarded. For weeks, every media outlet has been deploring the awful Cubans in Miami for making the Gonzalez case political. They condemned it, they urged us all to stop being emotional.

Above all, they condemned the knee-jerk reaction against Castro.

And the next time children get killed in school by some nutcase, what will liberals say? They will say, "This is just more proof that we must carry out the liberal program of gun control."

No national conservative has ever repeatedly said, as liberals do over Elian, "How dare you use such a tragedy for your political purposes!" No national conservative ever will.

It has been mentioned -- but very briefly -- that in each case the liberal gun control policy would have no effect whatever on the tragedy the liberals are using at the time. When the black man used an illegal automatic weapon in New York to slaughter whites in what he declared was a hate crime, no one argued that gun laws could have stopped that hate crime. But liberals used it shamelessly, and one of the white victims' wives got herself elected to congress on a gun control platform.

When a six-year-old white girl was murdered by a little black boy of the same age in a pure hate crime, it was grounds for another liberal demand for gun control laws. Those laws would not have stopped there being an illegal weapon in the crack house the boy lived in, but that made no difference at all.

No conservative will ever get excited and furious about the shameless leftist use of tragedy to push their political program, though that program admittedly has no relation to the tragedy.

Conservatives are pathetic, because liberals select their leaders. Respectable conservatives can always be counted on to miss the point.