CASTLES IN THE AIR | 2005-06-25

My internet radio program this week is about the fact that the Soviet castle in the sky fell, and the American castle in the sky is ready to go, too.

It is called "Idiocracy."

America's established religion, Political Correctness, is sitting on nothing. It is made up of mindless, bureaucratic fools who have promoted each other to titles that sound great, but mean nothing.

They are living on inertia, just like the Soviet Union did for so long. Only a cold-blooded murderer like Lenin or Trotsky or Stalin and finally Brezhnev could keep the system going by terror.

Nobody believed in any of that Marxist nonsense anymore than anybody really believes in Political Correctness today. All they have left is a more subtle form of terror. They can get you fired. They can withhold a college degree.

Outside the United States, this terror is less subtle. You say the wrong thing and you go to prison, though a much nicer prison than the Gulag. Under capitalism you are ruined professionally instead of being sent to Siberia.

Each system that is run by mindless go-alongs and which does not work must base its power on its own form of terror.

No one predicted the fall of the Soviet Empire.

No one is predicting the fall of Political Correctness.

That is because the people who get paid to do all the public predicting assume the system they are studying rests on something.

But the Soviet system rested on nothing.

The same is true of our present system.