One average citizen was financially ruined because he made a joking remark about terrorism in an airport. He said something like, "You better look in my luggage. There might be bomb in there."

He spent years spending all his money trying to stay out of prison for his remark.

Then an ex-governor of South Carolina was caught with a pistol in his carry-on luggage.

But the ex-governor was a Proper Authority. The press reported it, it was an embarrassment to him, but everybody laughed it off.

The media were outraged when Teddy Kennedy ended up on one of those Potential Terrorist lists. If YOU end up as one of those computer glitches naming YOU as a former terrorist, nobody in the media will be outraged about it.

If somebody executes a repeat child-killer, the media will be outraged. If you are killed on the street tomorrow by a repeat criminal, no one will care.

You are NOT a "Proper Authority." What happens to you is of no importance to the media. The media are Proper Authorities, too. The media have FCC licenses. The Border Patrol have badges.

You don't matter. Proper Authority is what matters.

If you carry a gun to protect yourself, you are a trouble-maker.

This year, a few hundred nurses and other hospital workers will be assaulted and crippled or killed on their way to the hospital because they are not allowed to have any means of self-defense. They can't carry weapons on the way to the hospital because weapons are forbidden IN the hospital.

You see, having a gun in a hospital is just "asking for trouble."


Because hospital workers don't have badges. Hospital workers are not Proper Authorities.

Sure, you could call it "trouble" if a health care worker gets shot on the street by an armed thug. But that is not REAL trouble.

The Minutemen are REAL trouble because they are infringing on the rights of people with badges, the Border Patrol, the Proper Authorities. Health care workers being killed on the street is not REAL trouble. It is only REAL trouble if they defend themselves, because that is the monopoly of the Proper Authorities.

If health care workers protect themselves, they are infringing on the rights of the guys with badges, the only Proper Authorities who have the right to carry guns.