I was watching a program about Cold War espionage. On that program a former KGB officer who oversaw the KGB in America listed the people he looked for to work against the United States. He said, "Socialists, liberals, beatniks," the latter being a term which included hippies.

And when the real KGB files were open for a while, it turned out that every single American the left called "an innocent victim of the anti-Communists" turned out to have been an actual Soviet agent. Even I was amazed.

When you get the facts, the left is always wrong.

Ann Coulter recently wrote a best-selling book called "Treason." "Treason" recites endless examples of what we all know, the fact that liberals always just happen to be on the side of America's enemies.

What make Ann Coulter's book different is that she does not follow the usual respectable conservative line about leftist turncoats. In order to be accepted by the national media as a "conservative spokesman" you have to say that all those liberals are honest, patriotic Americans who happen to be honestly mistaken.

In the 1960s those patriotic liberals by the million openly declared themselves to be Communists, but everybody forgot that when the reaction set in. The same thing happened in the 1930s when those patriotic liberals openly praised Comrade Stalin. When anti-Communists brought that up in the early 1950s, everybody who got on the media had to agree it had never happened.

So Ann Coulter simply refused to accept this Respectable Conservative Brain Wash. If it spends decades looking like a traitor, it's a traitor.

For decades the left has consistently been against white people.

Please see World View for May 5, 2003, Can You Love Your Country and Hate Your Race?

The left is always against America.

Respectable conservatives say this is just a coincidence.