The last Republican California governor tried to stop giving welfare to known illegal aliens.

Republicans have lost every state-wide election since then.

The last Republican governor of California believed what conservatives keep saying. Conservatives are for diversity, so they say that Hispanic citizens in California, including those of Hispanic descent, are just as American as anybody else. Since Hispanic Americans are as American as anybody else, they would naturally join with the overwhelming majority of their fellow Americans citizens in America and support the rights of American citizens over illegal Mexican immigrants.

The last Republican governor of California bet everything on the idea that, "Regardless of his ethnic background, an American is just an American.."

When the question of denying welfare to illegal aliens came up, California's Hispanic population had a choice between backing Americans and backing illegal aliens from Mexico. Diversity had a chance to prove it was a very American thing

When push came to shove Americans of Hispanic descent in California took the side of illegal Mexican immigrants over other people with United States citizenship papers. As always, the minute you try that melting pot crap out in the real world, it collapses.

Did conservatives admit this was a defeat for their silly "melting pot" ideas? Of course not.

Did liberals admit this was a defeat for "diversity"? Of course not.

Liberal commentators tell us that the Republican proposition to deny welfare benefits to illegal aliens was political suicide. They tell us that conservatives were insane to imagine that Americans of Hispanic descent would think of themselves as Americans first and Hispanics second.

In other words, it doesn't matter whether or not A Hispanic calls himself an American. His real loyalty naturally goes to other Hispanics.

That is how Diversity really works.