One thing people do not do enough of is asking, again and again, "WHY was this information produced?" The question applies to this blog.

Why should Bob, who has already published books and articles, do all this work at his own expense on a blog? On Stormfront many say I am egotistical to call myself a coach. In the Traditional Christianity, I was told that GOD is their coach. I got a huge laugh of that one.

Can you imagine what Christians of ay stripe would say that a college should not have a football coach, each player just gets out there and depends on God's Inspiration? But the absurdity of the proposition is lost in the personal insult to me, which seems very important to a lot of people.

In fact, my ego is more important to others than it is to me.

But my reason for doing this blog SOUNDS like ego, and you can cover up what I have to say with shallow concerns like that. The reason I do this is because I think it is UNIQUE, and anyone in our society who thinks he is unique is considered an egomaniac. By the time he gets through dealing with that charge, his unique point is long since lost.

So I don't deal with it.

One of my top people said that a cut-and-paste site was in the same league with this one. I WRITE all this. Myself. If a cut-and-paster can do the same job, it will make life a lot easier for me.

Then another commenter wrote in that "Well, I don't do that Mantra stuff any more. If I'm already in a conversation, I'll use it some. But the novelty has worn clean off."

Which brings us back to WHY I do this.

First of all, I'd rather not. The ONLY reason I feel OBLIGATED to do it is that 1) what I have to say is unique and 2) you will begin the chain of filter-down we now have on the Internet.

But, as my circuit-riding grandfather used to say when he had to ride around and give four sermons in a day, "The mind can only absorb what the seat can endure". And, "If you can't say it in half an hour, you don't KNOW it."

But the question is WHY did he say that?

He said that because it was true, but also because he was TIRED. Back then a congregation wanted the preacher to preach MORE.

A new preacher would always want to build a new church to show he was a success. My grandfather said, "If you fill up your church until you need a NEW one, your congregation will build it without your asking."

The bishop kicked him out of the South Carolina Conference TWICE.

If I've done my job, BUGS can go on without me without a hitch. But BUGS is not the reason I DO this. I do this because I want some UNIQUE ideas out. If they are not unique, or if my new ones are on a cut-and-paste level, then I will follow the one good piece of advice Thurgood Marshall ever gave out.

When Marshal announced his retirement, a reporter asked him what he was going to do. Marshall replied, "I'm going to sit on my ass."

There is PROGRESS here toward that high ideal, i.e., Bob on his posterior. I didn't write anything for several days and the discussion went on without me.

But BUGS tends to die out when there is nothing UP HERE, OUTSIDE the comments section. Unfortunately, this is not purely the result of my irreplaceable brilliance. IT is the division ITSELF. This page sets the tone for the discussion.

More and more often I put comments up here without comment or simply making a reader comment of my own here. This is how we are developing, and I need more pieces from YOU that are written to SET THE TONE.

Take this idea of asking WHY people write things. So far, it is generally viewed as common sense and restricted to certain areas. So an ad is obviously not objective truth. But if you go as ruthlessly into WHY, as Adam Smith did into making a world rule of supply and demand, or as Newton did of gravity, you will find this rule can cause a revolution on is own.

Why are things SAID? WHY are things NOT said? YOU can build on that.

And ***I*** can just cut and paste.