Our Right to Racial Discrimination

If your daddy was successful and lucky, you inherit money. If you are a third world worker under whose soil oil is discovered, you are paid. Whites used to assume the same thing they assumed for others for themselves. It was called discrimination.

So if our race produced a technology which allowed twenty times as many people to live on earth twenty times as well as they did before your technology, you got the advantage of it. One of the main methods of destroying this rather obvious right of white people was Ex Oriente Lux. Ex Oriente Lux said that everything we have came from Egypt, Palestine, and Mesopotamia, with China thrown in to fill up any empty spaces.

Ex Oriente Lux history, in my youth, showed whites as literally, and I mean literally shaggy brutes until the Middle East got there. We deserved NOTHING. We just got the Light from the East before blacks did. Every university taught that.

I have pointed out before that nothing was more economically rational than racial discrimination in South Africa. The fact is that whites were WORTH many times what blacks were, for their allowing political stability and the white man's attitudes which were lacking in the rest of Africa. Illegal black immigration INTO South Africa was steady throughout white rule, and there was no labor flow OUT of South Africa.

Even for political dissidents, every Communist country had barbed wire to keep people IN, while South Africa deported people and took away their South African passports so they couldn't get back IN. If you don't understand the difference, you would LOVE prison.