It is not entirely accurate to call Politically Correct economic theory socialist. Socialism is a theory of production. PC has no theory of production whatsoever. Politically Correct economics is one hundred percent distribution. All that PC has to say on the subject is, "The intellectuals will collect and all the money and distribute it."

Don't confuse this with an economic theory. Political Correctness says, "The Intellectuals should run everything." Economics is just a part of everything.

PC believes that money comes from magic. In this they are exactly like libertarians and liberal churchmen. The official Catholic statement on economic begins on exactly the same basis that other church statements on the subject do, "THE LAND PRODUCES great wealth. I short every church begins its statements on income distribution with what Screwtape called, "a good, sound, resounding lie."

The land produces little or nothing. Hunters and gatherers had "the land" all to themselves, and about twenty thousand of them scratched an existence out of the entire British Isles. More to the point, if "the land" produced all that the same churches would not be demanding that first world countries send enough to survive on to third world countries, which contain a lot more of "the land."

Every church today, in this as in other areas, is not only a liar, but also a psychopathic liar. But even a psychopath has a reason for lying. In this case they are following the Politically Correct line: There is no production, only distribution. No church EVER discusses why one system is more productive than another. No church would EVER imagine criticizing a Great Oriental Philosopher for talking about table manners while children collapsed from starvation within a mile of him.

All anyone discusses is distribution. You can hear a fat preacher bemoaning starvation, but you will never hear one mention that this is the first time in history when starvation is an unusual way to die.

Once again, what I am saying here is too obvious to be noticed. This is the only place you will see this point even MENTIONED.