I am a documentary junkie because, in the midst of all the same old crap and before the last five minutes, when they sum up by jamming all the square facts into the round hole of Political correctness, they sometimes make a brief statement that no one else notices but which jumps out at me.

That just happened to me. In the midst of an hour-long discussion of the development of PC's cookie-cutter Modern Man, a single sentence made a point I have been driving at her for a while now. That one sentence pointed out that about two hundred thousand years go, there was a sure sign of humanity when:

They made a technological innovation that they did not NEED.

Then I watched the aged Bill Moyer going over the same old theme: the income gap between the rich and the poor is growing. That reminds me of the Mongolian economic growth rate. All through the 50s, 70s and into the 80s Bulgaria told the UN of double-digit economic growth each year. These UN statistics on Centrally Planned Economics used to be a standard joke among conservative economists and were never mentioned by liberals.

You see, if you grow 15% per year, that means you double each five years. At that rate, Mongolian would have outstripped the US long since, but they were still riding along on horses herding scrawny cattle and suffering from malnutrition. The Marxist economy concentrated on planning for necessities while liberals like Galbraith were attacking America for its consumption society, its frivolousness, and its lack of Intellectuals to Solve Its Problems.

The same sort of arithmetic applies to over a half century that Bill Moyer has been moaning about the income gap getting wider. In the concentration camp he wants society to be, there would be damned little income disparity. Everybody would be starving more or less equally.

No one has ever asked Moyer to do any arithmetic. If, as he has been saying for fifty or sixty years, the disparity in income has been growing exponentially, by now five people would have every dime there is, and everybody else in the West would be starving. Meanwhile on Planet Earth nobody in America dies of starvation but millions die of too MUCH food. This is a problem that is absolutely unique in history.

We did not get too much food because Bill Moyer and Galbraith planned a Workers' Paradise. We didn't get too much food because of a vast internal OXFAM project. We got too much food because productive people LIKE TO EAT.

While Ukraine went from the bread bowl of Europe to the hunger of the 1980s, Marxist Intellectuals were solving the problems of Peace, Land and Bread. Americans were chasing a chicken in every pot, which turned chickens from a Sunday Treat to the cheapest meat. There were no breathless documentaries on The Chicken Shortage to Come.

Chicken went from treat to cheap meat because people LIKED to eat fried chicken and chicken soup and so other people produced it. At every stage the Intellectuals got paid for moaning. Chickens were no longer raised out in the yard but in mass production. Oh, God!

People got disease from eating tainted chicken, like that never happened before a few years ago. Oh, God!

In the meantime, while our spoiled children at the universities were getting paid big bucks for professional moaning, their ideals, the Soviets, were bragging each year that they had made yet more giant strides in catching up with the United States, unhappy chickens and all.

They weren't.

The Y2K Problem is typical. While the Intellectuals screamed and moaned, it got quietly solved the same way the different strains of wheat bacilli evolving get solved:


You can go back through the years and look at documentaries, each of which shows us another World Problem. If we had done what they wanted us to in the 50s or the 60s or the 70s or the 80s, it would have been a disaster. Hollywood goyim are leftist largely because drama is the basis of Political Correctness. Political Correctness is for panicky kids.