I doubt anybody really noticed that I said I spent over twenty years developing the Wallace strategy and then the Reagan strategy. Now it all looks like a natural development.

It used to take years for my ideas to reach the publication stage, when other people took them on.

You may not have noticed that I am crowing over the fact that Ann Coulter an others are ALREADY claiming ideas I came out with just two years ago.

"Respectable," which I was using in 1998, was bad word in conservative circles within three years.

I do wish somebody ELSE could appreciate what I am watching. It took eight years from when I developed the idea of Societal Property and presented it at a Public Choice Convention when a Nobel Prize winner was there, before I produced the whole New Right Papers to present it to the public.

FINALLY SPR became a part of mainline thought.

It took twelve years from Wallace's ten million votes to when the Republicans got it.

And back then, I was big stuff.

In fact, since I gave up my place as Very Important Person, I thought I had given up spreading ideas this way.

Now that I am anathema, someone Buckley or Sobran or Buchanan will not even answer, I find my ideas are going out much faster.

But in 1982 I was such a big dog that when I decided to do the big book on The New Right, which elected Reagan, St. Martin's Press JUMPED at it.

This is because of the Internet.

Look up John Huss on Wikipedia (I haven't). He led a giant religious rebellion a century before Luther, but he lost. Luther succeeded entirely because of the printing press.

Let me repeat something else critical: I cannot take you back into history with me; but in 1982 you NEEDED credentials to be listened to. But today one out of every hundred men, women and children in America has a law degree, a Doctor of Jurisprudence. PhDs are everywhere.

The Internet came in just as everybody was ready to laugh at credentials.

Nobody BELIEVES any more. As in the USSR just before Glasnost, everybody repeats what they must repeat, but nobody believes it.

Christian believers had the inside track ten years ago, but they've thrown it away on Israel. The massive conversions they were making are now history. I am one of the few people who even REMEMBER them.

In my memory, politics used to be the Democrats and liberals proposing things, and the conservatives and Republicans OPPOSING them. People voted for Republicans simply because they were NOT Democrats.

Now Democrats propose NOTHING. Today you vote Democratic because they are NOT Republicans.

Here is the part you will have difficulty understanding. Bush Republicans are STILL trying to position themselves between "extremes" that disappeared decades ago. They are desperately trying to be in the middle of a road that was bypassed long ago.

Everybody laughs at all of them. The Neoconservatives are laughed at. National Review worships them, because they say liberalism was OK until 1970. So they say respectable conservatives are NOT just plain silly. Taking liberals seriously is the intellectual way to go.

But the simple truth is that nobody takes any of this seriously except those who are making their livelihood off of it. People hate and blame Bush, but when they see the black chairmen of the new House committees if the Democrats win in 2006, they will appalled by them, too.

Do you know anybody outside the Religious Right who identifies with either side in a POSITIVE way?

The whole system is at a dead end.

Now let's get back to how bad Jews are and other fascinating stuff.