It isn't so much that whites have been lied to and betrayed as a tide has swept us out to sea.

The very essence of Political Correctness in racial matters is nonwhites laying claim to a destiny that in fact resides within the genes of the white race.

Pain or Simmons or another commenter said this insight: "Nonwhites confuse form and function", going on to paint the image of a "redskin" obtaining the strength of the buffalo by way of his buffalo robe.

Correspondingly, Cadillac has built some business on its "niggermobile" to service the conceits of inner city coloreds in the drug trade. It never occurs to the criminal driving one that to the white man the Cadillac technology is quite trivial.

I just give this example to point out that the colored man is participating in a destiny not of his own making. And he never sees the irony of his conceits (his claim of equality) from the point of view of the loss of his indigenous (in this case, African) tongue. He can't, for he has forgotten HIS OWN tongue entirely.

Try understanding how hard this is on nonwhites. That is why they rage against our insensitivity to their pain. And how can they not lay claim to what WE have bestowed upon them? They literally have nowhere to go.

So leave aside the impossibility of it all. OUR destiny is OUR destiny. It isn't shared, nor could it be. That was never in the cards and it never will be.

- Dave