In BUGS, our INCALCULABLE advantage is NOT that we know things like, "Acquiring real power in our time is about acquiring the capability to end run the government's regulatory and tax apparatus in a business sense."

That sounds as wise and is as irrelevant as White Nationalism.

We are going to have to bargain, but we have no idea of who will we bargain with or what that bargaining will look like. In fact, I have gone on at length about how you KNOW the other side wants to bargain. I have talked at length about the subtle signs of filter-down, but everyone wants to talk about some Jewish scandal.

Like Mussolini, we can bullshit on and on and miss the March on Rome.

What we need is what Bismark called Fingerspitzgefuehl, "Finger Tip Feeling." I try to teach that, but the technique of stopping the spread of Finger Tip Feeling was discussed in Animal Farm. When people asked thought-out questions, Napoleon (Stalin) had the sheep bleet, "Four legs good. Two legs BAAAD!"

There are things I want to explain, but I dare not because someone will start obsessing.