Instead of getting into nitpicks about how they have no problem defining blacks versus whites, think out of the box, THINK inside BUGS logic.

They are going to make the world happy by making everybody forget all those divisions and turn them into Christians or Marxists or Greens or Buddhists or New Wave or Pentecostal and once a particular book, and only one book, is accepted perfectly by every man, all will be well in the New World.

Just how high an IQ does it take to realize that we have been wiping out religions, races, peoples, species of people, every kind of knowledge that didn't fit, the wrong shaman, Blood Relics, Pol Pots, Scientific Marxism, Lysenko's proof that summer wheat adapts in the snow, every one which demanded an end to whites?

So they come up with another formula for perfection which requires that whites must disappear.

And this one form of genocide binds them all together; to be a Loyal American you must demand an America that is brown. A GOOD FRENCHMAN says he loyal to anyone who speaks French.

And the Good Frenchman joins with the Good Briton to force Iceland to be brown.

But the Good Frenchman and the GOOD Briton does not insist on massive third world immigration into Vietnam. There is no Great Self-Hatred for a Briton or a Frenchman to scream "racism" at in any Asian country.

So we all know what a white country is. It is land we are all perfectly aware of where Germans, Britons and other sleezes like self-declared French Idealists will be ended by genocide.