Brian and Mark III

You know there are those with public educations around here, please explain this. This is the first time I've ever seen anyone credit the Wallace vote for taking down the Soviet Empire. Is it because the Wallace vote allowed Reagan to get into office?

Comment by Brian


Brian, I remember one of dozens of times I was pushing the strategy Wallace used in 1968. It was in 1962 in Augusta, Georgia. I tried to sell it to Lester Maddox, and that's how it got to George Wallace.

I simply cannot take you back with me into history, so you have to take these incredible facts on their face.

The Republican Party was pushing its "Negro vote" strategy. I knew that we needed a Southern politico to go north and capture millions the votes of working ethnics (white non-WASPs) to prove how a coalition between Republican conservatives and workers in the North alienated by pro-black Democrats would work.

My field is human motivation, and I had to find a reason for a Southern politician to do this. There are LOTS of ex-governors in the South, who just go back into the general population. So, after a lot of thought, I finally found the incentive needed: the Southern governor who made himself the national spokesman for the natural alliance of Southern and Northern working people against "civil rights" and runaway crime would be the governor of his own state as long as he wanted to.

I floated it and I floated it. Finally Wallace took it up. While everybody notices that he did not win the presidency, no one notices just how many terms he was governor.

And I got ten million REAL votes in a presidential election I could point to. It still took twelve years to get conservatives to adopt it, but I knew that, with the strategy we had developed, we could bring down the Soviet Empire with it.

No one knows that the guy who gave the Kremlin the finger on the Moscow winter on the bridge had spent over TWENTY YEARS developing the strategy, in place they had never HEARD of, slowly building the gallows that hanged the USSR.

"But, Bob, you didn't do that YOURSELF!"

While my enemies talk about how conceited I am, I am now bringing down the next empire.

Being underestimated is a standard Southern strategy.