After all those years of answering libertarians who said the Mexican border wall is the same thing as the Berlin Wall, it wasn't until YESTERDAY that the perfect simple answer finally occurred to me:

"If you have to build a wall to keep someone IN, you're doing something wrong. If you have to build a wall to keep people OUT, you're doing something RIGHT."

Sounds simple, right?

I was the only person who answered this crap. I talked about the DC jail having walls to keep people in, like the Berlin Wall, and the same wall keeps people OUT. Try getting INTO a jail without a good excuse. I used that argument in the Washington Times, when the Moonies who run it made the old statement about immigration controls being the same as the Berlin Wall.

I had to do the whole New Right Papers to make my point about Societal Property Rights, but I am still working on the BASIC answer, as stated above. When I answered the Southern Partisan as a Senior Editor in 1982, I did not yet have the Mantra. Hammering things down to BASICS requires decades of work. It then sounds so obvious people think, "That's CUTE!"

On the subject we have been discussing just now, catastrophes and Problems as addressed by Experts, what I am saying are equally basic. An elephant matriarch is the ultimate Expert. She KNOWS about Problems, like where the food is now and how to dig around a dried-up waterhole for water.

Human beings special adaptation is NOT the ability to address obvious Problems. It is to innovate. If Marx had been given his dreams in 1848, the best we cold have had would have been an 1848-level egalitarian economy, which is what environmentalists want today.

This Marxist-environmentalist economy would, under the leadership of Idealists and Intellectuals coincidental similar to those who run the environmentalist and Marxist movement, take care of Inequality, the waste a free economy creates when competitors do the same thing, population as numbers and not quality, pollution, and so forth.

That's the theory. Actual planned economies took care of none of these things.

Actually, the HUMAN way to deal with The Shortage Problem is for the economy to move on. An 1848 Marxist economy would still be rationing coal.

China and Africa never move on. The Chinese paddy culture, based on aquatic rice developed in White India, would have lasted much longer than others because the Hwang Ho and Yang Tzu Valleys are regularly replenished by the rivers, as is the Nile Valley. But climate changes, and some day there will be no Nile Valley, much less the two main Chinese rivers.

Whites do not so much solve Problems as they keep on the MOVE. They developed coal because their forests were running out, but this was only partly a result of the Wood Shortage. They simply found that coal is a better way, so they did not have to face The Problem.

The ultimate Chinese genius is an elephant matriarch.