The reason the American Revolution occurred has nothing to do with tea or stamp taxes. The American Revolution was the result of one single cause: it was time for it.

A new nation had grown up across the Atlantic from Britain. Almost all white Americans in 1776 had been born in America, their fathers had been born in America, their grandfathers had been born in America, and their GREAT grandfathers had been born in America.

In fact, the Americans who fought the Revolution and wrote the Constitution had the highest percentage of native-born Americans there have ever been in this country, before or since. The last of the big waves of immigration to America ended by 1710, and most of occurred long before that.

Americans had huge families and plenty of food and healthy places to live. The population doubled every twenty to twenty-five years naturally, without immigration.

One of the last debates Benjamin Franklin had in Britain before the Revolution ended suddenly when, for once, he had no reply. Franklin had been delegated to represent the interests of several colonies in London. In the middle of the debate, Franklin clammed up completely.

He was asked what silenced him, and he said that one man on the English side had said, "This man is not a Briton, this man is an AMERICAN."

Franklin suddenly realized that the Briton was right.

Franklin suddenly realized that all the talk of Taxation Without Representation and the Stamp Tax were utterly meaningless. The problem was that America was under the control of another nation.

All this is heresy today. Liberals and, therefore, respectable conservatives have to agree that America is not a group of people, it is a group of principles. They cannot admit that when the Constitution stated as its sole authority, "We the people of the United States and OUR posterity," they meant it.

When those who wrote Constitution dedicated it ENTIRELY, one hundred percent to nothing but the interests of ourselves and our posterity, they MEANT it.