If white Americans want to see their future, they should look at South Africa's Afrikaner population. The Afrikaners trusted their conservative spokesmen, and now they've lost their country.

The majority of South Africa's white population is made up of Afrikaners. They are also knows as the Boers. They still speak a form of Dutch, but it is very different from modern Dutch.

I used to speak it myself.

The only reason the rest of the world had any interest in white South Africans is because they were in control of a country where the overwhelming majority was black. That is the only thing anyone will mention if you talk about the three million Afrikaners now caught in the collapsing South Africa the new black regime has created.

Boer history looks very different from the point of view of an American, and very especially from the point of view of an American Southerner.

To everybody but Southerners and Afrikaners the only important thing about whites is that they are Evil. The only places where many children are taught to be proud whites is among the Boers and in the American South.

Yankees conquered the South in the Civil War and the British conquered the Afrikaners in the Boer War. Since then the Yankees have tried to teach us to hate whites and the British have tried to teach the Boers to hate whites.

A lot of Southerners try to please Yankees by hating white people and a lot of Afrikaners tried to please the British by hating whites. But many of us still have our natural love of our own kind, and that drives Yankees and Brits into fits.

We are not allowed to say it, but Southern whites know that American blacks are lucky to be here and not in black Africa. Afrikaners knew that South African blacks were much better off in white-ruled South Africa than they were in black-ruled or "liberated" Africa.

Who told the Boers that blacks were better off in white-ruled South Africa than in black-ruled Africa? Black people did. They poured into South Africa as illegal aliens after their countries began black rule.

The required doctrine today is that everything down by the white man was Evil. Alt he food and medicine and everything else we have produced was produced by something called "mankind." You can lose your job for saying that anything good was done by whites.

Real Boers and real Southerners don't believe a word of that crap. They know the world would be a hideous place to live without white people.