Everybody has agreed to forget that a few years back, French judges on the Olympic Committee took bribes for their votes.

There was a UN-administered program which made an exception to the UN boycott on Iraq. The UN was to accept the sale of Iraqi oil in international markets if the money was used for food and medicine.. Saddam pocketed part of the money and the rest as used to bribe UN officials. The children in Iraq starved and went without medicine.

The UN is a third world government without any pretensions to respect from anybody.

The Security Council and NATO decided that Iraq was developing weapons of mass destruction. The Great Diplomat, Colin Powell had the Europeans lined up to take action when he went to Paris. They screwed him to the wall.

Colin Powell is a Rockefeller Republican who has never been right about anything. But he's black and he was a general, so respectable conservatives worship him.

So last year, with American troops on the ground to attack Iraq, Europeans played games. They are silly little people.

So the United States attacked, alleging weapons of mass destruction. The UN had said the same thing.

There are no weapons of mass destruction. Our job is over in Iraq.

So where did all this crap about giving Iraq a democracy come from?

We all know the answer to that, though nobody says it. We didn't find WMD's. Now Bush wants some reason for his invasion, so now we are there to impose democracy.

That's insane.

Liberals want to impose their form of "democracy" on everybody. So they can't laugh outright at the new Bush's new New World Order.

Liberals can't say we fought this war for the Israeli lobby. So they said we were fighting for cheap oil. Nothing liberals say ever works out. Oil prices are skyrocketing.

So will anybody ever ask where the hell this business of making the so-called "nation of Iraq" a democracy came from?

Of course not.