Mississippi has just signed a civil rights lawsuit settlement that requires it to spend more money on its black colleges and universities. This demonstrates a landmark liberal failure, but YOU WILL ONLY READ IT HERE.

All those who are allowed to speak, meaning liberals and respectable conservatives, are required to have no memory. But I remember that one goal of the civil rights movement was the abolition of overwhelmingly black education on every level.

Integration, as only some black leaders now admit, was supposed to bring on the millennium in education. Races were supposed to be the same in everything but skin color, so the only thing preventing equal education was separate schools.

Southerners who actually cared about blacks said black problems could best be dealt with in black schools.

If I had told an integrationist in 1960 that the NAACP would be fighting for better funding for overwhelmingly black higher education in 2001, he would have laughed at me. It turns out that having a black higher education system is indispensable in dealing with many black problems.

In 1960, as today, liberals laughed at the common-sense solution to any problem. Back then I insisted that punishment, not "rehabilitation," would reduce crime. That was very unfashionable in 1960.

It is generally conceded today that the more repeat criminals that are locked up, the lower the crime rate will be. Only the truly hypnotic left still believes that criminals are merely "victims of society." For example, the New York Times said last year that, "Crime is on the decrease, EVEN THOUGH PRISON POPULATIONS HAVE INCREASED."

As usual, what is a contradiction to a liberal is common sense to a sane person

Today's young folks have an answer to that kind of totally warped inability to face reality. They say, "Well, DUHH!"