About 58% of whites favor profiling Middle Easterners as possible terrorists but blacks favor such profiling of Middle Easterners by 71%. This really upset black "leaders" who have a major campaign going on against all profiling.

One black comedian was worried about some Middle Easterners who were behind him on an airplane. He said, "Sometimes profiling is bad and sometimes it's just damn good targeting."

The attempt to separate racial profiling from racial discrimination are getting so silly even some respectable conservatives are beginning to notice.

Profiling is selecting people for special attention because of the group they come from. That is exactly what discrimination is. Since discrimination and profiling is exactly the same thing, the attempts to explain the difference get very long and complicated.

But if you are not going to discriminate, you will have to strip search as many old ladies as you do young guys.

In a country which practices absolutely no discrimination, everybody gets searched as much as everybody else. The NAACP has mounted a major campaign against profiling in the search for illegal aliens. On the Mexican border, white people are let through routinely while dark people are checked out just as routinely.

The NAACP insists that this discrimination stop, and that blond people be stopped and searched as assiduously as dark people are.

This is nondiscrimination in action. But it has another name, just as discrimination and profiling are two words for the same thing. When absolutely everybody can be randomly stopped and searched, it may be called nondiscrimination or it may be called a police state. They are the same thing.