In 1945 the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation came home. The Southern branch of that group insisted that "We are One Nation now." They took over the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and made it obedient to the Yankee nation.

In fact, I was at a SCV convention not long ago, and one speaker said, "We can openly support our flag now. The World War II generation isn't in control anymore."

In 1945, the railroad rates that had made the South a region of poverty were still in full force. But after four years of Obedience Training, Southerners were Yankee Nationalists. The same thing happened to Korean vets and Vietnam vets. They were almost all transformed into Yankee nationalists.

Most of the new generation has not been in the service.

They did not get their Obedience Training.

They are not what the Greatest Genereation proudly called themselves,"dog-faces."

Thank God!

When the discriminatory rail rates, and the Old Reconstruction, ended in 1951, the New Reconstruction was under way. It was called "Civil Rights."

The propaganda explained "Civil Rights" as just a love of blacks. It was a campaign of hatred against white Southerners. Southerners were forced to use the word "Nee-grows" for blacks. Yankees loved that word because it is so unnatural for Southerners to pronounce. A Southerner saying "Nee-grow" was like him falling on his face before Political Correctness.

It was the founder of the Black Panthers who introduced using the word "black." He made it clear that the word "Nee-grow" was not natural for blacks either. The Yankee Nation had never thought about that. Their only intent was to make Southerners crawl. How blacks talked was not their problem.

In 1861 the war was about the Southern Nation against the Yankee Nation. In 1960 the war was between the Southern Nation and the Yankee Nation. Blacks were irrelevant to both sides.

Another great history lesson, "Washington's Klan" has facts you've probably never heard.