Ralph Reed, the "Christian" conservative leader, has stated flatly that he would rather conservatives lose on abortion, prayers in school and everything else than that they win with a vote that is ninety percent white!

Reed and Kemp and William Bennett want to open the borders and use other liberal tactics to win minority votes. Respectable conservative political strategy NEVER works, just as liberal programs NEVER work, but old Ralph and William look so good in them coats and ties that all the rubes buy that nonsense when they say it.

My approach is, as always, purely American. My approach is plain English and pure politics. If a minority area votes our way, it gets money, real money, not filter down money and not "counseling services" that hire professor-types.

Minority areas have one characteristic that is purely American. They use the words, "Show me the money." Their preachers say "Give me FOLDIN' money!" The Reverend Ike advertises that a person who donated money to him got a new Cadillac from the Lord.

One thing no respectable conservative will admit is that minorities want MONEY. Bennett and Kemp want to talk about "empowering" and "racial justice."

And let me repeat, we only need a minority of the minority vote. Minority areas that vote for us will get lots of public MONEY.

The minority districts who stay off our bandwagon and vote liberal will be left out in the cold. The VERY cold. The colder the better.

If America rejects the left it will be better for minorities than making America one more third world country. But they will NEVER vote that way for that reason.

It will take some thinking, with all the respectable crap totally ignored, but we can develop a program of buying up minority votes. It will save us money.

It is also the only strategy that ever worked. The minority white population used this strategy to take the Deep South back from Reconstruction. Not only did our enemies control the majority black vote, they also had the Federal Government, the press, and owners of industry and big money all on their side for the ruling Republicans.

The strategy I have outlined made us the Solid Democratic South. It will win elections in the long run.

And, if anybody cares, it will also save our country and our race.