This reminds me of the beginning of Dickens' A Christmas Carol which stated that Marley had been dead for two years and if you didn't understand THAT the rest of the story would make no sense.

There used to be REAL professors, like ME. If you don't understand THAT, nothing I say here will make sense.

You are probably the only people in the world in a real old-fashioned seminar with a REAL professor.

READ THE COMMENTS and you will see my students, MY products, asking and answering critical questions in OUR terms. I don't need to say word here.

Mark, as a real thinker, questioned the whole basis of the blog. Which means he went back to basics. My other students answered him on these basics.

Meanwhile, what is the Ole Prof doing?

Looking up the CORRECTIONS our Back Bay Grouch made to my history lesson FASCINATES me. For me, the real history he made me go back to is an ADVENTURE. And that, Virginia, is what REAL professors WERE like.

This is FUN! This is ACCOMPLISHMENT! This is why the modern academic bureaucracy could not tolerate me.

As one commenter pointed out in a masterpiece of understatement, "Bob is not Jesus." It was intended and taken as a compliment. He said that I would die for the truth I teach as Jesus did, but I am NOT Jesus.

But to be a modern academic bureaucrat you must claim to represent "The Way, the Truth, and the Light" if you don't want to die of starvation. In fact, it is the way to material success and a very fat life-style. You have to be one of the High Priests who lived well and sent Jesus to the Cross.

Coming down from that High Drama, there is Old Professor Bob, like old bumbling Peter, trying to follow along the best he can. I like to think that that is what Jesus meant when he made the joke about Peter being the Rock on which he built his church.

Not the Old Testament. Not self-torture. Not a Final Truth. Just doing your best to be a good person.

THAT church will never teach error, but NOT because it has all Truth already in hand, as Pope and Puritan claim to. I know a lot of sincere Christians whose faith would COLLAPSE if evolution turned out to be TRUE.

Our modern established faith, Political Correctness, has made you think of a professor as someone who has the Truth in hand. What he calls a seminar is obedience training.

As seminar leader, I am first among equals. I do not intend to be the ONLY one who goes back to basics, as Mark did, or who explains the basics, or the one who must give deserved compliments to those who DO all these good things. I steer YOU to do these things and if I have to do them, it is with a sigh. It means I have not done MY job in getting you to use what I have spent my life obtaining, a WAY of thinking.

So while you are extending on what I have taught, I am off chasing a fascinating correction. Yum-yum! More knowledge, what Odin/Wotan hung on Yggsdradil to obtain and lost an eye for!

I HUNGER for knowledge and it tastes GOOD! I LOVE corrections if they are not just intended to be a stumbling block, a way to Miss the Point.

The modern academic bureaucracy or any other High Priesthood cannot STAND truth, especially truths that collide with their Wordist Final Truth. They kill people for that. They kill EACH OTHER for that.


Because Absolute Truths collide, the truth CONVERGES, on the Cross and on the World Tree and in a real seminar.

Ole Prof Bob has had his say. Now I want to get a biography of Nathaniel Pierce Banks, the Speaker of the House elected in 1855 that Back Bay Grouch made me find. I hunger for truth.

Yes, Virginia, that is what real professors used to be all about.