There is a message here that no worldview can be RATIONAL unless we step back and take a NEW look.

One thing that is being discovered every day is that all of our established beliefs are based on totally false assumptions. In The Planet of the Apes Movie, made just a generation ago, every assumption about apes versus men has since been shown to be nonsense.

In fact, the assumptions from the 1970s seem so absurd today that we are trained to forget they ever EXISTED. Jane Goodall, a lifelong expert on chimps, was utterly astonished to discover that the animals she had lived with for years went out and tore a monkey apart for its meat.

The whole Marxist ideology is based on the old idea that only man has a class system and guarded national borders. All of Marxism, all of Political Correctness, all of the Wrist side of Christianity that they copied, is built on the line:

"...and only Man is vile."

Marxists, Political Correctness priests, and "Christian" Wordists, all build on this line. All of these ideological edifices are constructed on the ASSUMPTION that man's wars and castes and greed are based on something unique to man, so their version of the words of Marx or Thomas Dewey or Abe Lincoln can perfect our special sins.


I repeat, even Jane Goodall was not aware that these critical assumptions were nonsense. To repeat, today, though we have world full of people parroting the ideologies BASED ENTIRELY on those assumptions, your average person on the Internet simply DOES NOT BELIEVE that any of this crap was ever really believed.

Wake up and smell the coffee! The reason nobody, left or right, BELIEVES any more is because the whole foundation of our competing, established, Wordist beliefs is based on is based on assumptions no professional commenter, whatever his institution, want to MENTION.

Today, what we call "both sides" sound an awfully lot alike to us. That's because, from the point of a literate person living in 2008, they ARE alike. When Pat Robertson and Charlie Rangel make a photo of themselves sitting together smiling, they are part of a campaign to getting "both sides" together in a mindless ACTIVISM that keeps them from realizing that BOTH programs of action are based on nonsense.

Rightist "Christians" and leftist "anti-racists" are daily more and more in unison in trying to censor the Internet and ban evil genetic engineering on crops. We have MILLIONS of conservatives and younger leftists to attack the censorship coalition or the Amish approach to science ON A CASE-BY-CASE BASIS.

Most of what I say is so obvious people don't GET it. All over the Internet people are seeing that something stinks about all of this, but they waste their time pointing hysterically at one NEWS ITEM after another.

Most of what I say is so obvious people don't GET it. Every day the whole basis of what is said today by paid Mommy Professors and preachers feeding on what THEY call "Christianity" is being consigned to the loony bin.

So what is our reaction to this explosion at the BASE? It is to form a new political party or to get together all fifty of us and start a revolution RIGHT NOW.

What is REALLY going on is not only obvious, it is routine. We are in the position of the apes in the movie. Suddenly Space MEN are arriving in our midst and we all decide to ignore than and talk about the Old Books of Wisdom as if this new thing didn't exist.

Most of what I say is so obvious people don't GET it. The same Wise Old Apes are saying the same thing from what Apes see as "both sides." OF COURSE it all gets sillier and sillier. But you are not gong to find out what is silly by comparing the statements of Wise Apes.