There is no economics in Marxist economics. Soviet biographies described Karl Marx as, "The scientist who discovered Surplus Value." Many European scientific organizations, including in Britain, still insist on Retaining Marx among the scientists.

So if you were surprised at Climategate, don't be.

Subsistence is the amount of goods and services required to keep workers alive and working. All goods and services beyond subsistence is Surplus Value.

Please note that little dot right after the word "Value." It is called a period, and, as I have said before, it is very often the most important part of Bob Whitaker's writing. What I have said is the entirety of Marxist "economics." I count twenty-four words in the entire discussion of the economics in Marxist economics.

The reason Marx is said to have a Labor Theory of Value is because, according to his Great Scientific Discovery, since all value is produced by labor, all money that is needed to do anything but feed labor is Surplus. In the industrial society of his day, and far more in ours, this Surplus Value is huge.

So how is Marx's great scientific discovery to be distributed? "The distribution of income," says Marx "is a POLITICAL decision."

In Marxist terms, everything is a matter of class relationships and class relationships are entirely a matter of power. The only relationship which EXISTS in any society is the power relationship between classes, and that relationship is ENTIRELY a matter of distribution of goods and services.

Marx stated flatly that the family does not exist, the country does not exist. He advocated what was called Free Love because marriage was an economic relationship with a class purpose, and ONLY a class purpose.

Until you learn to understand this way of thinking, you cannot understand Political Correctness or anything else you hear from Mommy Professor's acolytes.

There is no such thing as race relations in Marxism. The race with the most power is ipso facto the racist one. Orwell used Marxist language, with which he was very familiar, in 1984. The State in his novel was developing language so that no one could have the words to SAY anything that was not Goodthink, what we call Political Correctness.

Orwell envisioned a society in which one could only speak in Marxist terms. Anything else was racist or Sexist or nationalist, though his words were different.

A lot of people think Orwell was prescient. He wasn't. He just understood Marxism.