"The point is not whether the dog plays chess well, but that the dog can play chess at all."

So when a tenured professor at Emory had to resign because he had made up his facts to prove that early American had very few guns it was no scandal.

What is more important, every single respectable conservative commentator insisted that this one example was unique. Every single respectable conservative insisted that all the OTHER Politically Correct professors were scrupulously honest.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, Politically Correct fraud is so well protected that it is amazing that we ever catch anybody at it. The head of the professors' association is an open Marxist, and he states openly that truth is a POLITICAL matter.

How, exactly is that different from a Medieval Pope dictating scientific truth because it is a RELIGIOUS matter.

It means the same thing.

EXACTLY the same thing.

Under the popes, religion was declared by the pope. Under Marxism, political truth is dictated by the dictatorship of the proletariat.

The head of America's organization of professors, whose only product is supposed to be truth, paid for by public money, states flatly that truth is whatever he decides SHOULD be true.

It would be amazing if what respectable conservatives all say were true.

When a group of people state flatly that truth whatever their politics say, it is not amazing that a few professors get caught on global warming or guns, but that any professor ever gets caught at all.

Respectable conservatives earn their pay. But they can only earn their pay until people stop just disagreeing with them and start laughing at them.

They earn their pay by claiming an objectivity for professors that professors do not claim for themselves.

Conservatives insist that professors are objective.

Politically Correct professors claim no such thing.

Anyone who knows anything about Marxism recognizes the term "politically correct." It is and always has been an entirely Marxist term.

The conservative Bubbah says, "Gorsh, I didn't know that! You must thin I is ignernt.

And for once, the conservative Bubbah is right.