From a Stormfront thread, I was answering a Britisher that any former subject of the Crown had a right to be in England. He says he only believes in "democracy and the Rule of Law:


Would you feel safer in the 1930s under the flawed United States Constitution or under the admittedly much more ideal Stalinist Constitution Stalin gave the USSR in 1936, which gave all the freedoms in the Bill of Rights and even the right to secede?

Would you feel safer in Uganda under British Constitution or in Britain under a British Constitution?

"Not racist," like libertarians, believe in Magic. They think that the minute a third-worlder crosses a Magic Line into England the Magic Line makes him democratic and nice.

Libertarians say that if you bring the whole third world to America and across that Magic Line called the Rio Grande, everybody will be rich and happy. I am NOT exaggerating here. Strip of all the crap and that is what otherwise adult human beings are SAYING, "The Free Market inside our Magic Borders will take care of everything."

"Not racist" say that you have don't have to be English to be English. Anybody will do as long as they cross the Magic Line and bow to Her Majesty the Queen. The Free Market and the British Constitution will take care of everything.

You don't have to argue with these people. You just have to state what they are saying PLAINLY.