An anti-Communist was debating a Communist. The Communist opened the debate by talking about how Communism stood for the goals all good people wanted, social justice, peace, the good of all and so forth.

The anti-Communist began his speech this way. "A fish is swimming along and sees a worm right there in front of him. The fish says to himself, "Now that is a tasty looking morsel. It tastes great. It's right there not moving at all. Its protein in it is just what my body needs. What sane fish could object to THAT?"

"The problem with that worm is the HOOK in it!"

Several commenters have made the point that Christianity is part and parcel of the development of the West. When we think of missionaries today, we think of someone with the Gideon Bible in their hand.

When Christianity went from the Middle East to the Northern lands, we have this absurd picture still in our minds. Now for a very mundane consideration:

Do you realize how BIG the Old Testament was back then? Not to mention the PRICE!

Today's preachers have the picture of our pagan ancestors being awed by the words of Hezekiah. I think of a missionary coming in in huge ships with the entire massive pile of scrolls encompassing a million words!

No, the missionaries brought the Gospel with them, the Good News.

And they didn't READ it, they KNEW it, it was only later, MUCH later, that the new converts, discovered that, in all the glory and poetry and wisdom and salvation and just plain goodness of those original missionaries, there was a Hook.

That Hook was the Old Testament, the ianity that has gotten its vampire jaws into the Gospel.

And with the hook came the hook-NOSES.

Historians wail how Jews were persecuted that they never notice that OUR ancestors were DENIED the Stories of our own Fathers, the Eddas, the tales of Odin and the wisdom of the Druids.

Or own people were burned alive if they stood by their old religion. But The People of the Book were allowed to deny Christ and to spit whenever they passed a Christian church.

And what was The Book of the People of the Book?

It was not the Gospel. It was the Hook.

And in order to survive, you could deny Christ, but to stay alive you had to accept The Book.

A lot of people chose to become Jews. The whole Khazar Nation did. It allowed you to loan money at interest, for one thing. For Jews usury just means charging interest to OTHER Jews.

So every time you say something about the Jews, remember WHY those universal aliens were BROUGHT into our society.

And with the Old Testament came tyranny.

In my youth world History consisted of volumes from the Middle East and a couple of sentences abut the stagnant, cold Land of the Northern Barbarians.

Accepted history said that the oldest elected parliament on earth was invented in Iceland.

"Democracy" was a Greek word that came from Athens, which meant that the tens of thousands of the ten percent of white males who were free citizens stood on hills and shouted at each other and voted.

There were no representatives.

But the story had it that these Nordic refugees who made up the new population of Iceland invented an elected parliament on the spot.

As it happens, they were fleeing from a tyrant, King Harald.

By a stunning coincidence, that same Harald was the first CHRISTIAN king of Norway.

He was also the first KING of Norway. The name king had existed before in Northern Europe, but one-man rule was an entirely alien concept.

Guess where they got that concept? Do you see any of the Gospels demanding a king?

I have a very strong feeling that the Icelanders didn't INVENT a representative parliament. It was business as usual for them.

Moot government, where people talked things out, was routine in Germanic lands, hence the word in English.

That which is not dictated by Church or Emperor is "moot."

Freedom of speech, representative government, the pursuit of knowledge, all these things are described by the Toynbees and the Buckleys as somehow torturously deriving from the Light from the East, from the Egyptians, from the Bible.

That is why it is so hard to explain the difference between "Modern" and "Mullah."

I think most of the values we have reassumed are REACTIONARY.

They go back to the time BEFORE the Light arrived from the East.

And that is why the values we think all Human Beings should ascribe are absolutely alien to the rest of humanity.