When Karl Marx was a young man in the 1830s, the huge sensation of the time was Hegel's Spiritual Dialectic.

In the late eighteenth century the big buzz had been about Rousseau's Noble Savage. Marx combined the two and came up with Dialectic Materialism.

Rousseau, who never set foot outside Europe, declared that people outside of civilization were kind, gentle and equal.

Civilization, said Rousseau, caused all the evils and inequalities we are heir to.

I won't bother explaining dialectic. It's almost as complicated as it is silly. I would also have to explain how people in 1830 could have taken it seriously.

But Dialectic Materialism, called Communism, was enforced in the Soviet Empire until the 1980s. It collapsed the minute it stopped being enforced.

Now look at the spread of time between the philosophies the USSR was based on and the time it fell. Rousseau had been dead two centuries and the Hegel craze had been over for a century and a half. In the USSR both were Progressive thought.

The point is this:

When I talk about what social scientists all enforced in the 1950s I am talking about RIGHT NOW. Today's Political Correctness is based entirely on the ideas of the first part of this century, not today.

In fact, they are not even based on the knowledge AVAILABLE in 1950.

Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Rousseau all believed in a human behavior that, in the light of the slightest study of real natural behavior, is beyond the laughable. We now have endless studies showing that every social animal has a hierarchy, which is what Rousseau said only civilization produced.

In the 1950s you HAD to believe that only mankind has BORDERS. The only thing that prevented World Government was capitalism and failures in civilization. Why can't we be like animals and savages (Political Correctness makes no distinction) and be Virtuous and Universal?

Every social animal patrols its border. The gentle chimpanzee troop patrols regularly, and it will tear any outsider chimp apart if it is caught in their territory.

What was the reaction of the USSR to these rather obvious findings?

They were suppressed, just as their SOCIAL implications are NEVER talked about in social science courses today. Every social science professor has to admit "There ARE genetic factors influencing man's behavior." But you will never hear one single word about any of them in any social science class, journal, or discussion.

But they find time to drag Marx out of his coffin regularly.

Every year we learn whole new patterns of gene-based behavior.

But Political Correctness remains firmly rooted in thought that was discredited before 1950.

And Political Correctness reacts the only way outdated thought CAN react. It enforces its ideas like a totalitarian state.