In a world where even the idea of a REAL Seminar had died out, BUGS, Bob's Underground Graduate SEMINAR will never be understood by outsiders.

Political writings are taken to be Final Truths. I write up what I am chewing on and put it to you. You will notice that when commenter's show a statement of fact by me to be completely wrong, they are not bashful about it as they would be in correcting any Leader.

So far, the corrections have concerned examples that are not crucial to the LOGIC, the THINKING which is what the article is about. But this approach will never be all that popular, because what people want is News and Jews.

In the oppressive Middle Ages, we developed a system where a priest would nail his assertions up on a church wall. He was ready for an open fight. News was a part of his sermon, and the sermon was the only sure source of what was going on that people had.

But note that the news was in a different category from assertions, and that was taken for granted in 1519 when Luther nailed his Theses to the church door. We all learn that but nobody THINKS about it.

BUGS is nailed to the church door of our established religion.

It caused so much trouble that that custom died in the Catholic Church.

Which is what they want to do with BUGS' theses.

Luther's Theses had to do with BASICS. It challenged basic assumptions about the means of salvation, which was the purpose of the door and the church behind it. It was not a quibble about Church History which would have been handled in the sermon.

When you read about Luther's Theses, you always see the line about how this was a standard method of the time. But the implications of this are never even considered. It is the way Western Man did things.

News from the Pulpit and challenging the Basics are two totally different things.

BUGS is a very new thing to our age and our movement, but it is also simply the rebirth of the kind of thinking that is fundamental to the Western Civilization Mommy Professor presumes to teach about and respectable conservatives say they defend.

As usual, Mommy Professor and respectable conservatives simply have no idea of what they claim to teach or defend. And as usual, they couldn't care less.

That is not what they get paid for. That is not why the information is produced.