Anti-Catholicism in the nineteenth century was called "The Anti-Semitism of the Intellectuals." Just as people back then traded insults about Jews in public, all academics had Catholicism as fair game. Like the Jews, the Church asked for it. If you actually look at what the doctrine was back then you can see why. The Curia STLL hasn't cleared Galileo!

The mistake was not that the Catholic Church, like Jews, had a nasty edge. The problem was that the "intellectuals" really believed THEY didn't. Even less did the "intellectuals" believe they had a SILLY edge.

So all college grads were expected to make fun of those "painted statues" in Catholic Churches. Real, intellectual Sculpture was the kind we see in the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument and so forth, gray and serious.

As it turns out, the reason that Catholics had those painted statues was because the Catholic Church actually went back to the time when REAL Classical statues were being made and THAT was how they looked. As we all know by now the Intellectuals were assuming that the statues they dug up, the ones with all the paint and marble worn off, were REAL classical statues, while Catholics were just being silly peasants.

It's a useful intellectual exercise in how someone who worships Mommy Professor can be laughable, but NEVER get laughed at. NOBODY - except me - laughs when he sees those "Classical" Monuments in DC.

When fashionable targets like the Catholic Church get laughed at for still not forgiving Galileo, they get laughed at. When Mommy Professor makes an obvious fool of himself, everybody's acts like it didn't happen.


Notice how mommy professor's little talking doll can do nothing but insult others. This reminds me of those stuffed toys, pull the string and like clockwork it will say the same thing over and over till that damn cord is worn out. Four years of higher education produces a stupid talking doll whose string is about worn out. These pathetic examples of white DNA never see the big picture, it is all about the "Message", and this is all that matters.


I have been searching for a way to get that Mommy Professor title across. "Mommy Professor's Little Talking Dolls" is PERFECT!

The whole point of my propaganda is not to give huge volumes of information to show we are smarter than the Conspiracy Geniuses, but to show the other side how damned SILLY and childish they are. When I hear some overage hippie reciting what he was told in college, I always feel like I'm dealing with on of those smiling retards in institutions that have beards and diapers.

They are always smiling, but God, do they make you SICK! A hardcore LIBERAL being escorted through the retarded home had to take a detour to the men's room after seeing them, and then HE said, "Why can't you just put them out of their misery?"

My approach is to make these bearded hippie retards see himself the way I see him: "Mommy Professor's Little Talking Dolls."

Suddenly a century of delusion is swept away as with the Mantra. Instantly they are no longer sophisticated people, "We've been to college, you know, and are explaining how Sophisticated Opinion works." Suddenly they are kids who left their Mommy values and got reprogrammed by Mommy Professor.

That is the way to wage a WAR!