When Jews asked Jesus whether Jews, in their homeland, should pay Caesar's taxes, he replied, "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's."

That remark would have gotten him tossed bodily out Jerry Falwell's church, and by Pat Roberston and all the rest.

Not to mention the independent little Bible church across the dirt road.

When Christ took not only the Ten Commandments but also the entire Old Testament and reduced it to two commandments, it is doubtful if he would have gotten out of those churches alive.

And that may not be as overstated as you think. The whole basis of ianity is one reply Jesus had to make to keep from getting lynched. They asked him if he had come to replace the Old Testament and he declared that he absolutely did not.

Do you have any idea what would have happened to him if he had made that denial the least bit less emphatic?

I am used to societies where you can't say anything you want to, but ianity assumes that every single word Jesus uttered was in a free society.

But when I pointed these things out in the Traditional Christianity section of Stormfront, the kindest reply was, "That's just Marcion without the celibacy."

Marcion is known to history as an anti-Semite.

This is because he said, in the first century that Jehovah was not the Father Jesus spoke of.

Jehovah, said Marcion, was the god replaced by Christianity, just but not merciful, and should go the way of Zeus and Jupiter. He is therefore known ONLY as an anti-Semite.

As with all the "Both Sides," Jews and anti-Semites are in basic agreement about the fundamental point: History is all about JEWS.

So all discussion abut Marcion, on "Both Sides," is about how he was about JEWS.

But RAISE YOUR EYES and you will see that both sides are, as always, COMICAL in their obsession. To the guy I mentioned, I rejected Jewish scriptures and Marcion rejected Jewish scriptures so we were the same thing.

When you raise your eyes from this Jewish obsession, whether it comes from the Jews or the anti-Jews, you want to laugh out loud at what you see.

There are many ideas in the world that are neither Jewish nor anti-Semitic. Aristotle debated the Cynics before either one of them had heard of the Jews.

You see how SILLY the usual discussions are when you RAISE YOUR EYES?

In almost every area of discussion, I see "Both Sides" as mindless dogs scrapping over a bone while a platter of meat is in plain sight five feet away.

A discussion of Marcion is about him and the Jews.

A few remarks are made about how he wanted everybody to be sterile and die out. One of history's most brilliant theologians, Origen, was never ordained because, in obedience to the idea of totally ending sex, he castrated himself.

No one asks where Marcion's OWN obsession came from. It just wasn't JEWISH.

You see Marcion had some ideas of his OWN that were not ONLY non-Jewish. They came from the degenerate form of Zoroastrianism that is now called Manichaeism.

If you see the movie The Three Hundred about the Spartans, you will see the Persians.

They were Zoroastrians. But to a truly maniacal anti-Semite, all goyim are the same.

The Hook in ianity did not just come from the Jews. It came from Zoroastrianism as well.

While the Jews and anti-Semites are fighting over their rotten scrap of meat, there is a whole banquet of fresh intellectual meat there for the taking.

But to see it, you must stop thinking like a dog and lift your eyes.