In "The Dispossessed Majority," written when all the debates were between socialism, and capitalism, Wilmot Robertson said that our ideological obsession with economic systems like socialism and capitalism was like trying to diagnose every human illness by studying nothing but the alimentary canal.

As a professional economist, I never took economics as the center of the universe as libertarians and Marxists did. With the fall of the Soviet Empire and the earlier disaster of British democratic socialism, the twentieth-century obsession with economic systems, which killed so many, is now largely a thing of the past.

It is the TWENTY-FIRST century gang!

For example, nobody sees the US-China situation as a competition of economic ideology.

The only people left who take this stuff seriously are American professors. European "intellectuals" got so deep into the Marxist stuff that they are embarrassed about it today.

There is a parallel between European Communists and the Mir space station. The space station was sent into space as a SOVIET mission, but while it was up there the Soviet Union ceased to exist.

Almost every member of the European professorhood was some sort of Marxist. Then the Soviet Union suddenly said, "This is ridiculous" and abandoned them in space.