AFKAN replies:

I have always regarded Culture, writ large, as the outworking of a Religion, and the purpose of the religion was to bind our Consciousness back to the realm from whence we came, hopefully improved for our experience in this incarnation.


Yockey is great, and I promoted him, but he and Spengler did their bit centuries after Ibn Khaldoun had the same insights. To me, the word "culture" is, as you say, a religion. It assumes, as did Spengler and Yockey, that race is not important and that this Great Culture thing moves regardless of genetics.

Willis used up every excuse he could for Yockey. He wanted someone to worship, and I never have.

Yockey and Ayn Rand and Marx and Spengler all fall into the same category for me. Yockey worshipped Culture, Marx worshipped Economics, Rand worshipped Freedom. Then Yockey, Spengler, Rand and Marx get together and pint and laugh at natives worshipping totem poles or devout, illiterate Catholics who pray to, actually pray TOWARD, statues.

I stated below how I laugh at the "intellectuals" who marvel at ridiculous "classical" sculpture or the Capitol Building because they STILL think the gray, worn-out statues they dig up are true Classical statues. Meanwhile REAL classical statues looked like the ones in (correction taken) the few Catholic churches that still have statues in them.

"Intellectuals" are the worst kind of rubes because they think they're smart.

"Intellectuals" think it is silly for an Eskimo to assign special powers to a totem pole HE made. They laugh at an old-style Catholic who wants a statue to focus his prayers on.

Then these "intellectuals" worship Culture or Freedom or Economics, each of which is just as much a product of the people who made it as that totem and that statue is. But what is especially ironic is that the old-style Catholic KNOWS that what he or she is praying to is NOT the actual Saint.

But Rand and Marx and Yockey actually BELIEVE that the Freedom or Economics, or Great Culture they are groveling in front of has a LIFE of its OWN. Unlike the most ignorant illiterate South American Catholic, they honestly believe that this work of man's hands is the be-all and end-all, the determinant of history.

Boys and girls, you CANNOT get dumber than THAT.

Response by Unsigned:

You're wrong. Aryan genetics is the result of selective breeding, which is culture. Lose that culture and there soon will be no more Aryans. That's what Yockey meant, and he was right, for proof, look around.

Mother Nature, unaided, produces insect societies. It does not produce Aryans.

Everything that we Aryans are, including our genome, is the "work of man's hands."

Leave the divine creation myths to Jews and other aboriginals. Let them believe, as all savages do, that they're the creatures of some Sky God. As it goes, they're more or less correct. But Aryan genetics, unlike theirs, is a clearing made in the forest, wrested from nature by means of hard work both physical and spiritual, and we need to keep our axes sharp if we are not to be reclaimed by the jungle.


If Aryan genetics is the CAUSE of selective breeding, then what is the CAUSE of selective breeding?

Yockey is slightly less subtle than I am. He said what he MEANT. Read the very first pages of his book, not the intro, and you will see that he is talking about a Great Spirit that comes down and causes Great Civilizations.

It is mysticism. It is ANTI-racial.

To us, the book is racial, because we can see what Yockey could not in terms of genetics, as one commenter pointed out yesterday.

Yockey said what he said WHEN he said it, and we don't want to become theologians trying to put words in his mouth, mistaking what he DID say for what he SHOULD have said, so we can have a Saint to quote.

So if it isn't a mystical Great Spirit, how do explain, USING OCCAM'S RAZOR, why whites are what they are?

Remember that Occam's Razor, the basis of Western Science and the enemy of Eastern Mysticism, favors simple explanations, obvious explanations. That is why the word "simplistic" is the main weapon of social scientists.

Here is an Occam's Razor answer to why whites are what they are:

Have you ever noticed that many animals survive by not being noticed while a skunk or a poisonous snake can be seen a mile off? Orientals have epicanthic folds on their eyes as an adaptation to extreme cold. As one writer put it rather well, "You do not survive and reproduce if you wake up in the morning with your eyes frozen."

Blacks have enormous physical adaptations to their horrible environment, including the deadly sickle cell trait that is an adaptation to prevent diseases in the infested areas they evolved in.

Whites are white because they have no such adaptations. While blacks and Orientals were developing adaptations to the cruel environments they developed in, whites were getting PRETTIER. There is absolutely no survival value to blond hair.

It is simple to make men and women prettier, more competitive in mating.

That is why, in the very midst of all the worldwide bullshit about "Everybody's Beautiful in Their Own Way," Baywatch became the top TV show ON EARTH the minute it was aired.

A lot of people like to say whites are the PRODUCT of cold and the challenges described in The Ice Man.

But I found something in the book African Genesis that changed my thinking on this completely. Audrey was talking about Rousseau's idea of The Noble Savage in the first few pages of that book. Rousseau pointed out that people living in isolated places tended to be gentler. The Bushmen of the Kalahari are famous for their sweetness. They even apologize to the animals they have to kill.

Then came a sentence that opened my eyes: "Maybe," said Ardrey, "It is not that people who live on the ice fields or in that land beyond argument, Tierra del Fuego, are not gentle because they live there. It maybe that gentle people tend to live at unfashionable addresses."

Where a human group lives is the area it can TAKE and HOLD. You do not have to adapt to Europe. You don't need epicanthic eye folds there. You put on furs and light a fire.

Whites developed things like blond hair because they had to compete with each other, not with the environment.

That, and not a series of historical accidents, is why Asian masses have repeatedly, in recorded history, run over the rest of Eurasia, but they always stopped at Vienna.

Is it the COLOR of a snake that makes it poisonous? Or is that color the result of the fact that that snake wants you to KNOW it is dangerous?

White is supremacy is obvious to everybody, anti-whites most of all.

That is NOT just culture.