Z:What the instructor is trying to tell us is actually quite simple. Ideologies that don't work, just don't work. They never can work because they are flawed and the laws of the universe can and will never let them work.

The Soviet system was broken from the beginning. Even if all the "experts" (Who happen to be crypto-soviets) said it was an efficient system, in the end, it fell to pieces.

Multicultural Democracies don't work. Just like communism, it has no base within the laws of the universe.

Despite the systems' own torch light parades, which may feature the model multicultural school or the very loving interracial relationship, it only appears to work because of the effort put into these parades. In fact, the best comparison we can use was the May Day parades through Red Square we used to see. Today's equivalent is the above-mentioned model multicultural school.

But just as the missiles we saw were fakes, made just for the Parades, what we don't see at the model school is the racial achievement gap test scores packed tightly away in the Principal's desk.

The average expert does not recognize the victories that the instructor speaks of. When the power structure gets its "North American Union" it will open the floodgates for non-whites. Many racialists will fall into despair as they conclude the struggle is lost. However, this is only because they don't know about the diversity price curve, as the number of nonwhites goes up, the amount of tolerance from whites goes down.

You see, the more multicultural a multicultural democracy gets the closer it gets to its collapse. Just as the Soviet system was supposed to be highly efficient, when it actually had its efficiency tested, it fell into a pile of its own contradictions.

The strengths of the old USSR were its "organization", "efficiency", and "production possibilities." Just as the strengths of the new USA are its "diversity", "tolerance", and "freedoms."

But, remember when its greatest "strengths" were tested, it ended up collapsing.

Today's version of the SDI or Wallace Democrats (who are now named Reagan Democrats by conservative pundits) is the great unknown. The mass migration of non-whites may be today's SDI. Just as the SDI forced the USSR's collapse by exposing its greatest myth, the mass migration of non-whites will expose our systems' greatest myth. Historians may look back to find Ted Kennedy as a science fiction writer.

But remember, while the SDI may have helped bring the USSR down, its main reason for collapse was its own contradictions. The current system has no shortage of these.


The future is determined by the real problems needing solution. People, however, are terrible at accurately identifying their real problems.

For example, low cost electronic storage forever solved the problem of record keeping. Today no one cares a fig about the problem, being definitively solved. Yet for most of human history this problem placed severe restraints on economic progress, yet who identified it as an issue?

Accordingly, the future is determined by the real problems bedeviling us. Not the recognized problems, but the real problems we face, recognized or not.

That is why enormous power is available for those of us that SEE.

Want to solve your problems? Learn a new way of seeing. Just make sure it's an ACCURATE way of seeing, not clouded by emotional issues and reactivity.

For this humanity that surrounds us, this great mass of people so ably aided and abetted by public education and the MSM, and so committed to unwavering self-deception, is much in need of a boss, any boss.

And our nonwhite "brothers and sisters" are in great need of supervision, hardwired and bound to squalor.

I not saying anything any educated white man did not consciously and fully understand in the 19th century: Nonwhites must be supervised. Under white supervision nonwhites thrive. Otherwise they sink. The nonwhite world understands this implicitly, except for the intellectuals among them. That's why, as BW has said, for nonwhites there is only ONE race, the white race.

But how can we whites supervise other races if we can't supervise ourselves? Accordingly, we should strive to become the branch of humanity in no need of supervision.

Master yourself, and your opponents will follow. Your mastery is enough.

It is easy to articulate WHAT needs to be achieved, it's the HOW to proceed that is hard.


A manager who does not hire people who are better at things than himself is a FAILURE. But if they are better, how does he JUDGE them? That seems to me to be what good management is about. The top guy succeeds if he RECOGNIZES good work and people who have initiative.

What they do WORKS.

A good Wordist wants Control. I just want it DONE.

A person who has it all in His Book has aborted his whole thought process. In Wordism, nothing is allowed to WORK. Everything is justification. That is why Communism was doomed. The market tends to weed out failure. In contrast, planning cements failure into the system.

Our whole worldview is very confusing in our Wordist society. I am looking for SOMETHING good and I don't KNOW what it is YET. It would be one hell of a lot easier for you to search Bob's Holy Writ and repeat what I want you to repeat, especially since that has been your entire training in this society.

But in the end, what would you have? Someone who comes up under ANY form of Wordism suffers the same disadvantage in dealing with our kind that Communism had dealing with market economies. That system produced people who were simply not capable of competing in a REAL economy.

The key asset: an ability to deal in REALITY, in things that WORK.

The power of a small group of people like THAT is incalculable. In fact, they are the ONLY people who have actual POWER.