If a semi-literate black man disagrees with you on race, he will say, "You IGNUNT!" Antis who have never had to debate the subject before always begin by saying we are ignorant.

At first, this is puzzling to us, like saying that we are filled with some undefined Hate. But this Ignorance and Hate have nothing to do with actual ignorance or hatred. We must understand and EXPLAIN each on its own terms.

You are lost if you begin by thinking of real hatred and real ignorance. They do not know it, but antis are referring to CAPITALIZED Hate and Ignorance. We are dealing with a religion. Our established religion is Political Correctness, with its liberal seminaries run by Mommy Professors, a.k.a., universities. You cannot argue with disciples of this faith until you recognize that it IS a faith.

When used by antis, "ignunce" or Ignorance is precisely what the Catholic Church means by the Doctrine of Invincible Ignorance. Invincible Ignorance does not require real ignorance, that is, one can KNOW the doctrine of the Church. Invincible Ignorance is the inability to BELIEVE the True Faith, however much you know about it.

Every religious fanatic, be he Politically Correct, Christian, Islamic, Marxist, Americanist or Libertarian, feels that no one who truly KNOWS his True Faith can reject. So he sincerely believes that if you don't BELIEVE, you simply do not Truly Understand it.

Mommy Professor is also Father Professor.