Conservative? ME?

When the Soviet Union was falling the hard-line Communists were given a new name: conservatives.

Just two years before the media had recoiled in horror when Reagan called these same people "The Evil Empire." They had praised Comrade Stalin and all the Peace-Loving Peoples' Republics ever since.

Then, as the old liners were losing power under Gorbachev, the Peace-Loving Progressives were suddenly "reactionaries and "rightists." They were the bad guys, so they were "right-wing."

In our age anyone who opposes Political Correctness is called some kind of "rightist." No matter how radical a person is, if his radicalism is not of the sort prescribed by our established religion, he is a "conservative."

Too many people who strive to overthrow our established religion, with its program of genocide against white people, are not aware that they have subconsciously subscribed to this doctrine.

They seek a restoration of a time before Political Correctness took over in the name of liberalism and leftism. They seek to restore what was.

So when I speak of the future, as it will be, my comrades are often as horrified as my enemies. There is a great parting of the ways between their worldview and mine.

They ask me why I am so optimistic, and I hesitate to tell them, because the reasons I am optimistic about the things that matter, the survival of my race and our journey to the stars, is based on my acceptance of things that would horrify them.

They see a restoration of their old world, where Traditional Values were accepted by all but the outlaws of society.

I see a world divided forever, where some will have a place to be in world of their traditional values and others will have their children by choosing their genes, and those who are traditional will be more and more like the Amish coach-drivers of Pennsylvania who reject all modern conveniences and are wholly unaware that those conveniences are right there in the buggies they drive.

The Amish claim only to use Biblical technology, but they would be horrified if they had to drive the banging, springless conveyances used in Biblical times.

Several of the congressmen who fight all uses of embryos for medical purposes have products of those embryos keeping them alive.

The Indians who sob over how their wonderful Way of Life was destroyed would not survive a year in one of that Way of life, and it would be an awful year. The clouds of gnats in their children's eyes, which you never see on television depictures of the Noble Red Man, would have horrified them.

I lived in that world of outhouses and backbreaking work, and I remember nothing charming about it.

And the way I lived was beyond the dreams of early Americans or Africans today or yesterday.

Which may be why I am such a radical. I have met many a suburban young person, entranced by Mommy Professor's description of the glories of Native Cultures, drink his beer and denounce all technology. But I have never seen a coal miner do that.

Real workers do not miss the days of digging with their shovels with candles in their hats, and they are close enough to the past to realize what the real Good Old Days were like.

Every professor will tell you how happy Africans were before the Evil White man came, but no African wants to return to those ways. A lot of them now have to return to those ways, and they are dying and miserable.

I was watching a Canadian documentary with old pictures of Inuit (Eskimo) life. But below the pictures a caption was repeated and repeated, (No one lives like this now"). No Canadian of any race would be allowed to live in that misery.

But that same Canadian Broadcasting System will declare what a shame it is that the Evil White Man's technology destroyed all those wonderful Traditional Ways of Life.

No one in Canada who points out this contradiction will get a job with CBC. He will be lucky if he isn't arrested.

But this unmitigated crap is not only the property of the Politically Correct. Those who oppose PC swallow it whole.

Which means that they cannot look straight into the future, the real future, and see the opportunities there.

So the chasm between my thought and theirs is often unbridgeable.

They see biological advances as a plot against Traditional Values. They have a Frankenstein Complex.

I see the future as a sneak attack on our enemies. They see it exactly the same way.

Social science professors are horrified that their theories are being tossed into the trash basket by discoveries about genes. Study of real evolution Carbon dating has thrown the traditional view of history, on which Marxism is firmly based, right into the toilet.

Everybody insists he wants children to have every advantage of NURTURE, of a good upbringing. Social scientists are fanatically opposed to all "monkeying" with genes," but they endorse any social program they come up with, especially if it is expensive.

The big difference between future technology "monkeying" with genes and today's "education" is that technology will probably be able to demonkey" it if it is wrong.

But can we ever undo the damage done by PC "education" or the "good upbringing" taught a child that what is new is against God?

I doubt it. Look at the "antis" on Stormfront, with their air conditioners going and using the Internet to whine about the White Man's Evil Mommy Professor taught them to recite.

Fifty years from now they will be using the Evil Technology that overcame stone age culture to keep them healthy, and they will be singing The Guilt Song of the Evil White.

And beside them in a counterpoint song, will be conservatives denouncing all post-Biblical technology.

Gene changes are more curable.

Imposing re-education or what some preacher chooses to call Traditional Values is fine for the kiddies. But when it comes to giving the next generation the best possible GENES, conservatives and social scientists stand shoulder to shoulder.

Everything should be done to give them Traditional Values or a Good Education, but God and those who claim to speak for God and the priests of Political Correctness declare from their respective pulpits that not one gene must be touched.

So as liberals sink deeper into he trash bags of history, so do conservatives.

For the word "conservative," no matter how the media use it, has the same real meaning it always had.

Liberals seek the old path of liberalism; conservatives seek a restoration, too.

I am the most radical person you are ever likely to meet.

There will be no restoration and I will never have to sit in an outhouse and fear the horseflies romantically threatening to sting me. I will never again move one brick at a time in a hot kiln where the rule is that if you passed out TWICE, you lost your job.

Only if the white race disappears from the earth will there be a Restoration, and I will fight it to my last breath.