"The exception proves the rule."

When you recite the Mantra, many anti-whites will try to find examples of non-white countries where there is a lot of immigration. They seldom even TRY to find one that anybody would object at is it restricted immigration.

But you have to discipline yourself NOT to answer each example. Yu want to stick to the point that he is having an awful time finding an exception. If you work desperately to find an exception, all you are doing is proving the rules EXISTS.

Likewise, BUGS commentators have shown a gratifying awareness of the fact that, when someone answers the Mantra by attacking the white race, it is NOT your duty to defend the white race.

Exactly like the guy who is desperately seeking an exception to the Mantra, the person attacking your race is simply the fact that there IS genocide going on. He is justifying it.

Another rule that exceptions justify is when I point out that Mommy Professor, who is the Epitome of Wisdom to the upper middle class, has never BEEN anywhere and he has never DONE anything.

One response to this is that a Mommy Professor has been at Harvard, Oxford, and the University of Tokyo. This is like saying a Trappist Monk who has never been anywhere or done anything. BUT a Trappist is sophisticated because he lived at monasteries in France, South Carolina, and China.

If anyone THINKS about it, he is aware that Oxford, Harvard, and the University are not different experiences. If you are in the center of any University and then go ten miles as the crow flies in any direction, you experience a place that is more different from any University than any two Universities are from each other.

In the same way, there were seldom any culture shocks for a Trappist Monk under the old rule of silence and self-torture that was the day-to-day life of every Trappist. Like any other religious institution, everybody has to think alike.

In a seminary you will often have one Jew teaching Old Testament, and no University is complete with a token respectable conservative to show off.

What is amusing about this is the Mommy Professor Syndrome is the whole basis of our huge anti-white population. The Mommy Professor Syndrome in turn is based entirely on a hick deciding that what his hick parents told him is all wrong because the first Really Sophisticated people he ever met, the Mommy Professors, are all anti-white, including the token respectable conservative.

A Trappist monk may have had a hell of a life before he became a novice. But that does not count INSIDE the monastery. A few professors may have been somewhere else, but that does not matter inside the Politically Correct religious institution he serves in.

A professor is somebody who made good as a student, and nothing else. He is a Mommy Professor ONLY because he has jumped through the same hoops that the kid who worships him as a Person With Real Knowledge of the World is jumping through.