One of the most pathetic things in the world is the way young Indian boys are taught the ancient Hindu scriptures, the Vedas. They have to learn millions of words by heart, and pronounce them in exactly the same way as their teacher was taught, and their teacher's teacher was taught, back to the time they were first written 4000 years ago. If they stress one wrong syllable, or pronounce a word in the wrong way, they get whacked with a stick and they have to go back to the start and do it all over again. That's how the ancient Sanskrit language has been preserved.

What these brown skinned 'learned men' don't realize is that the Aryans who first wrote the Vedas all those centuries ago would have laughed at the idea that their stories should be preserved the same forever.

The big difference between Whites and non-Whites is an understanding of the difference between form and content. The Red Indian brave thought that wearing a buffalo hide would give him the strength of a buffalo. The modern African thinks that having a European college degree makes him intelligent. And the brown skinned Hindu priests think that learning an ancient text by rote gives them Wisdom.

Comment by Richard


But this reinforces our point that the fact that Indians regard their Aryan ancestors as the ideal is a major plus in the age of genetic engineering.