If you read biographies of Stalin, you will encounter the term "politically correct" routinely in letters to him in the 1930s.

In Marxist terminology "political" is as common as "Allah" in Islamic correspondence. The basic premise of Marxism's that all value is produced by labor alone. Therefore every good which is consumed by anyone who is not a "worker" or an "intellectual, is taken by force:

"The distribution of goods is a POLITICAL decision."

- Karl Marx

Until the state of pure communism is reached in the inevitable Marxist history, all relationships, family, companies, international, are based on economics, and economics is political. Therefore race relations are based on power alone, so there can be no such thing as a non-white racist because of the overall power relationship between the races.

We hear this all the time from anti-whites. Trotsky had this piece of Marxist theology in mind when he coined the term "racist."

The only way anybody can have anything, according to Marxism, is to exploit others. The only basis for anybody to have anything in the future "communist" society will be for "intellectuals" to decide that they NEED it: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

You could always tell who the Marxist was on discussion shows because they never used the term "Communist" to refer to an existing government. They called all countries that had minefields and machine guns on their border to keep people in as "socialist" countries. In Marxist theology, these Progressive countries were in the socialist stage of development, whereas all others, even if they called themselves socialist like Sweden, were in the capitalist phase.

To a Marxist, referring to any country as communist was exactly like a Christian referring to an earthly location as Heaven. Some countries had truly attained the socialist phase of their development toward ultimate communism, and they shot anyone trying to escape to prove it, but there were no Communist states on earth yet.

"SOCIALISM in one country"

- Joseph Stalin

People don't really know anything about Marxism, so they do not realize that "nobody has anything they don't exploit," "only whites can be racists," and "political correctness" are straight Marxist concepts from before the Soviet Revolution of 1917.


The portion of non-Caucasian world that has dark colored skin will never have any notion whatsoever of the technical platform that economically supports their lives.

This technical platform steadily evolves based mostly upon innovations coming from Caucasians, but not entirely.

But the important point is that it is only in the Caucasian world that thinking tends to keep up with the evolving technical platform.

Marxism is so durable in the dark colored skin world because it provides an easily understood explanation for the inferiority of dark colored skinned peoples. The Negro mind, for example, simply cannot comprehend the technical platform. It can comprehend, however, an explanation for white dominance that furnishes a sense of entitlement to dark colored skinned people.

That house spider that you see in the corner of your closet is a vulgar creature. Nevertheless, it INSISTS upon being. That is the nature of life. Correspondingly, dark colored skinned people are going to INSIST upon entitlement. Count on it and don't be so stupid as to imagine that they, in their own minds, believe they have an alternative.

And there never will be an empty bed in any prison or any venue that furnishes the basic supports of life: food and shelter. For example, it just flummoxes me how people can be so blind not to see that black males (and many white males too) commit crimes for the very purpose to getting INTO jail.

If you want to deter crime, remove the incentive: Charge room and board. No money, no bed, no heat, no food. And if the prisoner or his family has no money, let the Catholic Church (or other religious institutions) be challenged for furnishing charity. That is a good role for the Catholic Church (or other religious institutions).

But alas, our black robed geniuses, our guardians of the Constitution cannot allow that.

They are too busy furnishing incentives for criminals to attack their own families (which is what most crime really is) and to attack the public. And also they are too busy furnishing denials that they themselves are structurally part and parcel of a system that supports criminal acts for the purpose of supporting the industries revolving around the criminal justice system and its police and jailers public employee unions and the taxpayer largesse they receive.

So don't think Marxism is not going to persist. It has already proved way too durable and that is not for any trivial reasons