Herodotus spent his life trying to prove how the Greek gods were descended from Egyptian gods, precisely as we now try to trace everything since the opposable thumb back to the Middle East. Even Politically Correct history has rejected that dead end. But it did so only after the relationship of the Indo-European languages was discovered, and it has been trying to get rid of the implications of that discovery ever since.

Part of the Politically Correct effort has been to say that Western Civilization developed entirely from the rediscovery of a few writers like Plato and Aristotle. There was indeed something unique about the Socrates-Plato-Aristotle trio, but it has nothing to do with Egyptian culture.

Suddenly there appeared three men who learned a WAY OF THINKING from each other. Political Correctness concentrates entirely on learning by rote what each one said, but that completely ignores the point that is so obvious we don't see it.

Rote is Middle Eastern. Thousands of Middle Easterners, like millions today, had A Final Truth but none of them had a WAY OF THINKING. In any other society, Plato would have quoted the Truths of Socrates and Aristotle would have quoted him, cautioning his students not to wander from The True Way.

Every society, including Bushmen, has THAT.

A Way of Thinking is as alien to Final Truth as man is to animal. A parrot or a tape recorder can be a Mommy Professor.

The reason finding the works of Plato did not suddenly turn the West from Barbarism to progress is because the Socrates got his approach directly from the ancient Indo-European Moot. He took it for granted that truth came from open discussion. This concept was totally alien to every basis bushman society or Egyptian society stood on.

The Pharaoh had to go out every day and make sure the sun came up with a memorized formula. The Moot assumes that truth was up for grabs. That is why Odin gave an EYE for KNOWLEDGE and not for WISDOM. Wisdom is final. It is subject to interpretation, but never to challenge.

A way of thinking raises man above parrots and tape recorders and Pharaohs and Bushmen. Every animal has its Final Truth.