Regarding Germany in World War II, the ultimate example of putting all the eggs in one basket was Hitler himself. He was a genius, but a flawed genius. He was a bad general, a bad manager of the war economy and a bad planner. If falling in love with institutions and 'wordism' is a bad idea, it is also a bad idea to become infatuated with a Maximum Leader.

Comment by Quent


Once again, everything I say INTERRELATES. If you want to find real hate, look for those who are Anti-Hate. If you want to find the people are least temperate note subject of alcohol, look to the Temperance Movement. By the same token, some of the most offensive wordists call themselves Nazis.

I am interested in saving my own race right now. But every time I try to get people interested in that, I am besieged by treatises on Hitler, discussions of the rise of the National Socialist Movement, "Bob, your attitude towards the Fuhrer is not the correct one."

Hitler was loyal to at least a dozen big things. He was a militarist, he hated democracy, he saw himself as semi-divine, and, somewhere in the midst of all of this, he talked a lot about the Aryan race. But he ACTED as if that were only one of his priorities, and not the main one. In the end, he fought a war by the side of his colored allies against white powers in the name of the anti-Cominterm Axis.

Was he right? Was he wrong? Was he infallible?

Who gives a damn? This is as much a diversion as the Holocaust!

Quent me reminded me of something vital: Why I have stood by MY approach.

I do not deal in propaganda, I deal in basics. If the world is as totally screwed up as this one is, that gives me this one big advantage: truth is heresy. The simple truth is a devastating weapon which only things like the National Socialist Theology can keep us from destroying our enemies with.

By all means, if you NEED a swastika to keep you going, USE it. I used it when I was young. But I also have generations of white Southern tradition behind me, which not many people do, tradition that was not learned from a book but has always been part of my being. So I can use basics, I can see the truth and I don't need any props. A rich man doesn't need money, but he should leave an opening for those who do.

But there is a fatal defect to propaganda as opposed to basic truth. Propaganda ALWAYS becomes Wordism. When you have to convince the German people of your divine mission, you begin to believe in your own divinity. When you say that you are mainly stopping Communism, you begin to believe that. If you are a Jew who hates gentiles you need a wordist cover for your simple hatred, so you latch onto Communism. But finally you BELIEVE in Communism.

I have had to get disenchanted with Hitler, with the Confederacy, with fundamental Christianity and the Boer Kerk, with the Democratic Party of my fathers, with conservatism, with American patriotism, with the rest of a list I don't even want to think about.