The first thing a lion does when he takes over the pride is kill all the kittens fathered by his predecessor.

Monkeys will allow orangutans inside their territory, but they will kill another monkey who tries to get in.

Ants will eat anything they can, but they only make war against other ants. They do it out of pure prejudice. Those are another kind of ANT. They shall not pass.

Nothing is more unnatural than for ANY social animal to be at peace with other groups of its own kind.

The crucial point is that this is the OPPOSITE of what was considered natural before the latter part of the twentieth century. From Rousseau to Marx to Libertarians, it was assumed that animals had no borders, and no class system. All human institutions were the products of human IDEAS.

There was only one exception, survival of the fittest. But survival of the fittest was entirely INDIVIDUAL, not SOCIAL. Each individual animal fought each other animal. Beyond that, all was equal, all was borderless.

The simple fact is that this whole world view has been exploded. Totally destroyed. The question you might want to ask others is why this complete revolution in thought has affected NONE of the Wordist concepts we inherited from before it happened.

Nothing is more unnatural than The Family of Man. But before 1950 this was considered the only ALTERNATIVE to rule by single bullies, single killers, Darwinist animals of "nature red in tooth and claw."

Nothing is more natural than that a single interbreedable animal holds its territory against ITS OWN KIND. Every social animal down to the ant is involved in war against groups of its own kind. The survival of the fittest is entirely a GROUP effort within the Family of Chimpanzees or the Family of Lions or the Family of Ants.

An orangutan is allowed into chimpanzee territory because it does NOT interbreed with them.

This is what every Wordist philosophy is, wholly unconsciously, BASED on. You form groups based on the Word, not on nature. The Marxist kills the Orthodox within his territory. A religion does not care what color you are, but it will kill you if you try to cross yourself the wrong way inside ITS territory.

Killings in the wars of feudalism were child's play until we started getting wars of Religion.

Humans will always be divided. But each form of Wordism will declare, in the midst of a bloodletting five centuries from now, that they are Universal, that they make a Family of Man. When two Family of Man Universalisms go to war, there is no compromise possible.

But Wordism is a parasite. The fighting between two groups in nature is for one reason: the survival of the part of their kind which smells like them in the case of animals who are smell oriented, the survival of those who LOOK like them in cases, like man, where they are sight-oriented.

Non-racism simply means you adhere to one of the tens of thousands of forms of Wordism which exist for a Book and which takes all your efforts away from where nature PUTS them all, your genes. Wordism is pure parasite.