One of the great contrasts of history is the South's taking back over after Reconstruction and the total collapse of Afrikaners in South Africa.

I think the reason for this is that Afrikaners forgot who they were. They put the power of their faith at the complete disposal of the National Party and the Reformed Church.

Their whole idea of die volk was subordinated to die Kerk and the Party leadership.

And this is the mortal danger of Wordism. You can USE a book for your ends, but that book eventually BECOMES your end.

The South has ceased to be the South and has become the Bible Belt. You let them have their prayers in school and ban abortion and they'll import the entire third world.

Everything I read from Jesus tells me that he was wanring precisely against this approach to religion. If Jesus thought that reading your Bible was the key to salvation, he would have said so.

And he would have become a priest of the Temple where such people belonged.

But Wordism is a disease that rots Christianity and every other faith. It seems to me that every single thing that Jesus specifically condemned has become the fundamental doctrine of some major church denomination.

You can go to Hell right through the church door. In fact, as the Demon Screwtape said about those who become fixed to some denominational obsession, "It not only gets them here, it makes them more entertaining when they arrive."

When I denounce the Wordism that infects a church, I am naturally accused of attacking religion. In fact, that same thing happened to real prophets.

It happened to Jesus. Christianity degenerates into self-hatred. Judaism falls to nothing but self-pity.

And I have discovered in these pages that Christianity got its desperation for self-torture and genetic sterility from the degenerate Wordist phase of yet another old religion, Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrianism was over twelve centuries old when Christ was born.

Zoroastrianism was restricted to Aryans, ie, Iranians. If you look at Zoroastrianist web pages you will see that most of them keep insisting that Zoroastrianism is now open to anyone.

This is especially ironic since the last ruler of Persia who was Zoroastrian was also a mulatto.

In its degenerate phase, Zoroastrianism forgot all about what it had originally meant. It became a sickness that has cost us dearly through Mani, who synthesized the rotting Zoroastrianism with Christianity just before the rise of Islam.

Any form of Wordism is going to bring new members into the tribe just because they can recite its creed.

They come in as temporary allies but they stay as citizens. Wordism eats the volk.

Wordism might be useful. But if you let it slip in your fingers, it is fatal.