In my early days, Toynbee represented the "Western Progress" concept of history while multiculturalism stood for there being no such thing as "progress."

So much for "Both Sides."

Yockey was entirely outside of both.

Buckley would have lynched him for opposing "ianity" and leftists would have denounced him for refusing to recognize that whatever we have comes from "all mankind."

Remember "A small step for man, a giant step for Mankind."

I do not think in "both sides" terms. I think in 3-D.

"Existentialist" was on Stormfront talking about how evil the white race is.

I pointed out that that Existentialist was saying "that white people were CAPABLE of being guilty, whereas colored people were guilty of NOTHING, just like animals.

I concluded, "Existentialist is more of a white supremacist than I am."

Existentialist disappeared.

But let us return to the fact that anti-whites view non-whites as animals.

What are "Both Sides" today?

There are liberals who say that nonwhites and badgers are innocent.

The there are conservative who represent "ianity" say they are non-racist because they feel nonwhites are guilty, too.

Let me introduce a third dimension:

First dimension: Screw guilt. Animals never question whether life is worth living.

Nonwhites do not question whether life is worth living.

Second dimension: Aryan religion always questions whether life is worth living.

So much for "Both Sides."

The THIRD dimension is to take it for granted that anything above animal level, including animals on two legs, would ask whether life is worth living.

We do not take the first dimension seriously.

So at the THIRD dimension we can FINALLY ask, not whether the Aryan QUESTION is right, but whether the Aryan ANSWER is right.

In the West the reason one should not commit suicide is eternal damnation.

In Buddhism and Hinduism the answer is that you cannot die without True Religion.

In Hinduism and Buddhism you will stay on the Wheel of Life, you will be reborn again and again and again and again, until you find a way to escape the curse of life forever.

Meanwhile, I keep being asked why white people want to destroy themselves, why their mentality is so sick.

If your only alternative to life is damnation or a return to the damnation of The Wheel, may I suggest your thinking may be less than healthy?

What if we cut the friggin' mysticism and demanded that life be made WORTH living?