I have exactly the same problem the Palestinians do. According to official United States Government and "Christian conservative" doctrine, America is a nation of immigrants. Everybody on earth has just as much right to be here as people like me who were born here.

Since we have the sense not to overpopulate our land, these self-styled "Christians" demand that we adopt the overflow babies from other lands. This is in addition to the fact that, according to the "melting pot" doctrine, all foreign adults have more right to be in America than we do. Everybody on earth has a Right of Return to this "nation of immigrants."

I would be a lot less pro-Palestinian if the same media who mix up the Right of Return with the birthright there did not agree that I live in "a nation of immigrants." My family had been living here for over two hundred and fifty years when Israel Zangwill declared that America has nothing to do with us. He declared that America was just a "melting pot" where everybody on earth had a Right of Return.

Emma Lazarus was a Zionist who invited the whole world to come to America. She wrote the inscription on the Statue of Liberty. Emma Lazarus declared that America was for anybody who wanted to come here. She also demanded a Jewish state that would be strictly for Jews.

Please read October 31, 1998 - FIVE WORDS AND EMMA LAZARUS.

The only reason every Mexican who wants to come here has a problem is because he is "undocumented." It's not a question of right. You have no birthright here. It's just a matter of papers.

Native born Americans are documented aliens in this nation of immigrants.

Remember those so-called "Christians" who are always talking about Patriotism and Family Values?

You know, the ones who are going to Save America for you?

They're with Israel Zangwill and Emma Lazarus both here and in the Middle East.