A person who is loyal to everything is loyal to nothing. This is why "Lincoln Republicans" can never play real politics.

Bush operatives are out there meeting with liberal black leaders and ignoring conservative ones. Cries of dismay are coming from the conservative rank and file. Where the hell have they been since the Gettysburg Address?

America adopted a Constitution dedicated it to "We the People of the United States of America". This means America was dedicated to Americans. Abraham Lincoln declared in the Gettysburg Address that America was dedicated to "ALL MEN are created equal".

He meant it.

President Bush wants what is best for All Men. A Mexican is as good as an American. He does not see himself as violating his oath of office when he refuses to enforce our immigration laws. Like Lincoln, he feels he has a Higher Loyalty.

This becomes a matter of practical politics. If he had his way, Bush would love to give more to minorities who vote Democratic than to whites who vote Republican. This would prove that he has no prejudice.

As a matter of principle you cannot devote yourself to "We the People of the United States" if all your effort goes into making all men equal.

But that is not just a matter of principle. Favoring your own people is the only way real politics can be practiced. If you want people to vote your way, you have to make it pay your friends to support you. If you want people to vote your way, you have to make voting the other way a costly business.

Most of Nevada belongs to the Federal Government. When Nevada kept voting Republican, President Clinton hit them hard on land policy. By contrast, Republicans desperately want everybody to see that no minority will be shunned just because it blindly supports our political enemies.