When the first Israeli Parliament met shortly after World War II, "the Right" was still identified with Hitler and Mussolini. This led to an immediate practical problem. No one in the new Israeli Parliament would sit on the political right.

Today the Likkud Party rules Israel and it is a party of the right. If you think about it a minute, you will understand why that is the case, and why it is important to see the reason for this.

Meanwhile, Jews in New York are still solidly leftist, as are Jews everywhere else. So what's so special about Jews in Israel?

Jews in Israel are the first Jews in over two thousands years who are the ruling majority. All that time, Jewish politics has been based on hate. Jews have been hated and, contrary to the Politically Correct orthodoxy, they have hated in return.

But in Israel, Jews must not just hate, they must govern. They cannot afford to dedicate themselves to hating the ruling majority in Israel because they ARE the ruling majority in Israel.

What Israelis do in New York is aimed at punishing the white gentile majority. They go for integration and busing, they take the side of criminals in solidarity against the law-abiding majority. They demand open borders so that they can be on the side of outsiders against the ruling white gentile majority.

Every political stance backed by the Jewish voting bloc outside Israel is aimed at hurting the ruling majority in that country. The last thing that bloc votes for is something that WORKS.

That's the way Israel started, too. But they discovered that leftism is national suicide.

National suicide may be fine for everybody else, but not for the Jewish homeland.