When David Duke was railroaded off to prison by the Feds, I was infuriated, and you had better be, too. If they can do it to him, they can do it to you.

I met David Duke in Moscow a couple of years back. The "expat community" - those Americans living in Russia is very small. So even if we had nothing in common politically, Dave and I were Southerners and political professionals, so we would have gotten together on that basis.

But David Duke wants to save my race. Anyone who wants to do that has a lot in common with me. I am so pro-white that I am too bigoted even to be anti-Semitic.

Then Dave went to prison. I helped him out while he was there and he read some of my stuff and asked me to speak at a huge gathering in New Orleans this weekend to celebrate his release.

Dave is not the only person I have ever helped in prison.

While professional black spokesmen sat in fine offices and drew a good salary to attack the Confederate flag, I have conducted many recovery sessions in prison, often when there were only black people at them.

I have taken my life in my hands and gone into the ghettoes to help out addicts while professional black spokesmen were worrying about the use of the N word.

Old stone-hearted racist Bob never got a dime for any of this.

I went to Africa and helped create jobs while professional black spokesmen here were ignoring African starvation and attacking South Africa.

Black people would be a hell of a lot better heart if there were more Evil Racists like Bob Whitaker and less paid black spokesmen.

I was proud that David Duke asked me to be one of his speakers and I am happy to do it.